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TAG TEAM Marketing is a Black-owned and operated marketing company that specializes in marketing the products and services of Black-owned businesses to Black consumers.

TAG TEAM Marketing is leading a global movement, inspired by the work of Marcus Garvey, to create billions in Black-on-Black commerce and move the Black community into a position of economic power.

TAG TEAM Marketing began as a distributor organization in a network marketing company back in 1994, led by top distributors Delxino and Deborah Wilson de Briano. Over the next decade, Delxino and Debbie built a history making team of over 230,000 distributors that sold over $100 million dollars per year worth of products and services for that company. They became the #1 producers, top money earners, and the most accomplished Black couple in the history of the network marketing industry.

In August 2004, Delxino and Debbie founded TAG TEAM Marketing International, Inc. for the specific mission of empowering the Black community by getting Black consumers to purchase products from Black-owned businesses.

The company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Delxino and Deborah operate a TAG TEAM Marketing center in Atlanta, Georgia where they implement several of TAG TEAM Marketing’s powerful programs, including the groundbreaking “Black Business Network”.

The purpose of the Black Business Network is to get Black people buying from Black-owned businesses consistently, on a massive scale. Black business owners join from all over the world, some to advertise, some to network, and some to supplyproducts and services that can be purchased from the Black Business Network store. Members of TAG TEAM’s Black Star Business Opportunity called “Marketers” sell the products and services. Black consumers who shop at the Buy Black Today online or retail store, buy the products and services. With the Black Business Network, money flows from Black hands to Black hands, and stays in the Black community. This ongoing “recycling of Black dollars” creates wealth, jobs, pride, strength and unity in the Black community.

As the Black Business Network continues to grow and expand around the world, the tremendous impact it is having continues to grow as well. Tens of thousands of Black people are already involved, and more are joining every day. Tens of thousands of Black-made products and services have already been sold to Black consumers. Money is flowing from Black people back into the Black community. In this years to come, this movement will completely revolutionize Black business, create true, worldwide distribution of Black-made products and services, and revolutionize the global Black community.

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